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Buy stromectol uk, Purchase ivermectin online

Our founder, buy stromectol scabies online, set up SOUND with the aim to give talented singers from all musical backgrounds a chance to sing pop, soul, R&B and other contemporary music to the best of their abilities and here we are six years later!

We offer something a little bit different from the traditional approach of many UK-based choirs. Taking our cue from some absolutely awesome international groups (that we try not to fanboy/girl over too much), we like to practise innovative new approaches – from warm-ups and vocal techniques to crunchy harmonies and experimental arrangements. When we find ourselves wincing at a challenging new part, we know we’re doing it right and it’s ooh so worth it!

We do audition. Whilst we believe that everyone can get a kick of out singing with others and champion this, there seems to be a shortage of choirs for experienced singers who want to stretch themselves. Enter SOUND.

The opportunity to sing solos is open to all members and while we understand the desire to step into the limelight comes easily to some, we support and encourage one another to share that spotlight on a weekly basis. SOUND is a choir but it’s also a community of like-minded people who all love a break-time biscuit or two!

Buy stromectol uk, Purchase ivermectin online

Join us!

So, like what you hear?

You can find out more about our audition process on the purchase stromectol online.

Latest posts

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September 21, 2021

Buy stromectol uk, Purchase ivermectin online

As we gear up to sing together again at last, SOUND soprano Jo reflects on how creativity and community have endured throughout the pandemic. Amazing to think that this September…
buy ivermectin pillsbuy ivermectin onlinebuy ivermectin
December 14, 2020

Merry Christmas from SOUND!

We may not have been able to sing together since March, but wild reindeer couldn't stop us from getting together virtually to record a special Christmas number! We hope it…
buy ivermectin scabies onlinebuy ivermectin australiapurchase ivermectin online
January 13, 2020

Joining a choir helped me combat anxiety and find a meditative state of pure joy

Faced with panic attacks and depression, SOUND member Kate Corbett-Winder looked to her creative past for inspiration on how to improve the present. Rediscovering singing proved the turning point she…
order ivermectin over the counterbuy ivermectin australiacheap ivermectin
September 3, 2019

Should I stay and choreo?

SOUND recently received a grant from Voice Festival UK to host two performance masterclasses - one on vocal improvisation and one on movement. Monica, one of our Sop 1s and…

Meet Liz

Since graduating from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Liz has become a well established and versatile vocalist, choral leader, and soloist, known for her passionate and forward-thinking approach.

She has performed worldwide with The Swingles, The Heritage Orchestra, flamenco legend Paco Peña, the Aurora Orchestra, and London Voices, and has appeared at international venues and festivals including the Montreux and London Jazz Festivals, Milan’s La Scala, the Proms, Europa Cantat, and the Big Chill. She has also been featured as a performer and vocal coach on radio and television worldwide, including the BBC, Sky and Hollywood film scores.

Liz is dedicated to expanding choral education, innovation and participation, and is an experienced teacher of singing in schools and universities. As a choir leader she had also directed projects for the Southbank Centre’s Voicelab initiative, was a choir director and is now board member of national musical charity The Choir With No Name, and has run workplace choirs at both The Guardian newspaper and Comic Relief as well as numerous community choir initiatives.

As founder and director of London’s contemporary XL vocal group SOUND, Liz remains committed to creating opportunities for vocalists, and pushing the creative boundaries of vocal music.