SOUND wants vocalists who have experience of live performance and a cappella singing. We are often looking for new members – especially male singers and beatboxers / vocal percussionists, who are usually in shorter supply!

You don’t need to be an amazing sight-reader, as long as you are able to learn quickly by ear. To maximise time in rehearsals you will need to practice in between weekly sessions too.

Watch “Introducing SOUND!” to find out all about us.

If you are interested in joining, please do check out our FAQs for details of what we’re looking for, and fill in our Audition Form including a recent recording of yourself singing, preferably unaccompanied; a simple smartphone recording is fine.

Due to high demand we are unable to consider applicants without a demo.


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If you’d like to audition for SOUND, please fill in the Audition Form including a link to a demo.

Any questions or problems with the form, then do email us at

The things we’re most frequently asked!

When do you rehearse?

Tuesday nights, 7-9pm during school term time.

Where do you rehearse?

Near Vauxhall train/tube station

Do you charge a fee? How much do you charge?

We ask our members for termly contributions towards the running of the choir of £105 per term. If anyone feels they will struggle to pay this, that’s not a problem.

We don’t want anyone to be turned away for financial reasons, so if that applies to you, then concessions are available in return for some contribution to running the group. Please let us know when you apply.

Do you audition? How often?

Yes, we audition as necessary, but generally at least twice a year. We’re always open to hearing new talent!

What does an audition involve?

At the audition we’ll ask you to do three things:

  1. We’ll do a quick warm up with you so that you’re relaxed and ready to sing.
  2. Next we’d like to hear a short section of a song of your choice. 1 minute is about the right length (a verse and a chorus is usually perfect). It’s best if it’s unaccompanied, and pop or jazz is best for us.
  3. Finally we’ll do a mini rehearsal of one of our pieces to see how you do picking up new music. You can choose to sight read or learn by ear.

It’s very informal, and though we understand you’ll be nervous, we try to make it as enjoyable as possible!

How do I apply for an audition?

To be considered, you need to fill in our Audition Form AND send a short recording of yourself singing something (ideally unaccompanied) to

It doesn’t have to be very high quality – a smartphone recording is fine. If we think your voice is a good fit for us, then we’ll invite you to come along for a really informal, 10 minute audition.

Do you have a waiting list?

Yes, we keep a list of potential candidates if we don’t immediately have space in the group. Our membership is quite solid, but occasional spots do come up. It’s always worth putting your name down!

Do I have to be able to read music/sight-read?

You don’t need to be able to sight read well to be part of SOUND – some of our members learn by ear, some read music, some use a combination of both. We perform from memory so there is usually a little bit of practice between rehearsals needed.

We provide sheet music, lyrics, recordings and mp3s so that members can choose how they want to learn the music.

Do members practice between rehearsals?

We move through material quickly in rehearsals and aim to have a new song memorised within three weeks. Members usually do a little bit of work outside rehearsals so we can work on the fun stuff when we get together! How members do that is up to them though and we aim to give everyone the learning material they need to make it as easy as possible.

How many people are in the choir?

The size of the group varies from term to term, but we’re usually between 20 and 30 singers.

How often are gigs typically?

We perform as much as we can a term, depending on what opportunities come up, doing a mixture of public and private events.

Do members get paid to perform?

No. SOUND exists for singers who can sing to a high standard and are looking for somewhere to challenge themselves, and share their love of music with others, without the pressure that can come with working professionally. Current members are from all walks of life, including the music industry!