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Looking to book a group of talented, skilled, charismatic and lovely performers for your next event?

Then look no further – we can help. We have performed at festivals, public and private events, exclusive corporate functions and venues all over the UK.

SOUND is a pop, soul and funk choir with a difference. Our repertoire is fresh, innovative and current and we won’t just tick your boxes, we’ll create new ones. Our infectious combination of exciting tracks and jaw-dropping arrangements has wowed many of our previous clients, thankful for all the praise they received for booking us!

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd and make your event enjoyable and memorable, we are the choir for you. Event entertainment with a difference – get in touch with us at buy stromectol scabies online.

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We at the Tea House Theatre would like to congratulate you on such a wonderful performance on the 23rd June. The reception and feedback has been amazing and we believe you have a wonderful place at the Tea House Theatre.

The Tea House Theatre Team

SOUND sang at our wedding and it was one of the highlights of the day. Their upbeat sound and fantastic choice of songs had everyone smiling and they have a very simple set-up which made things easy and flexible on the day. We’ve had so many lovely comments about the music!


Take a listen