After a lot of hard work, our version of Settle Down by Kimbra is ready to share with you.

Only a few short weeks ago back in December we were standing in a warehouse in East London dressed up to perform and digesting the news that we could record our new number OR have the heating on, but not both.

It was touch-and-go whether we’d get the perfect take before our circulation failed, but luckily we did, and by the time we’d done all our body percussion and choreography, the whole room was feeling quite toasty!

Now at last, the results of our session with the team at Webb Street Studios is out in the world, and months of planning, rehearsing and recording have paid off! We’re so excited to share with you one of our favourite pieces: Settle Down, written by New Zealand artist Kimbra and arranged by Clare Wheeler of The Swingles.

It has been so much fun to do, and we’re excited to add the song to our set for the year ahead. Hopefully we’ll get to perform it to you live very soon!